Schlocktoberfest is the Onyx Downtown’s month-long extravaganza of horror movie events, which will include music, comedy, trivia, costumes, beer, popcorn, and of course, lots of bad acting and low-budget special effects. All screenings and events will take place across four Sundays in October, at the Nevada Theatre (401 Broad St, Nevada City, CA).

You can buy tickets in-person at the Onyx Theatre, or here on our website.

Tickets to individual events are $10

A “Schlocktoberpass”, which gets you admission into all events, is $27.

Only a limited number of passes will be sold, so get one while you can!

Schlocktoberfest is open to all ages, but parental discretion is advised for our screenings of Sleepaway Camp and Evil Dead 2.

Get into all 4 events for only $27!