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Beyond The Visible: Hilma af Klint

The art world is confronted with a sensational discovery -- a hundred years too late! How could it happen, that an artist who discovered abstract painting at the beginning of the 20th century remained largely unnoticed? Hilma af Klint's first abstract painting is dated 1906, four years before that of Vassily Kandinsky. Why was she ignored? This is the first film about her life and work. It investigates the role accorded to women in art history and asks why Hilma af Klint was scandalously denied the status of a pioneer of modern art. And how this recognition is now finally taking place. Today her exhibitions are attracting millions of people worldwide. The cinematic approach of her paintings reveals an artist who is seeking for meaning in life beyond the visible. Hilma af Klint's clairvoyant work developed a unique visual world and more than 25.000 pages of notes reveal a boundless thinking that led into an outstanding oeuvre. Her timeless paintings cross all conventional borders and resonate with our innermost feelings today.

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