We've made no concessions with our concessions

We’ve meticulously curated our menu to please all palates. Choose from local sweets, treats and drinks or go abroad with our revolving wine selection… and don’t forget the popcorn while you’re there.

A Word (or two) About Wine at The Onyx

When you walk through the doors of our beautifully renovated theatre, we want you to be transported to exciting faraway places. Just as our films are selected to showcase unique and independent visions, the wines we’ll serve go beyond the “usual suspects” by focusing on small, artisanal, and family-owned wineries from around the world. We are carefully choosing wines that offer diversity, depth, and character, just like a great independent film. There are delicious wines at fantastic values to be discovered, and we look forward to having them enhance your experience at The Onyx.


John Seeger Gilman: Onyx Wine Consultant