Focus On A Filmmaker: Boots Riley

By Onyx Staff | 06/07/2018

We are thrilled to be bringing SORRY TO BOTHER YOU to The Onyx this summer. There was quite a buzz around this title when it screened at Sundance in January. Emily Yoshida from New York Magazine has this to say about SORRY TO BOTHER YOU: “A pro-union, anti-corporate, race-conscious, Silicon Valley side-eyeing tale of one man’s journey through the late-capitalist nightmare of an “alternate present” version of Oakland, Sorry to Bother You’s greatest asset is the strength of its conviction, and how far it’s willing to go to make sure it stays burned in your brain.” Read more about Boots Riley, the writer and director, in this NY Times article “How Boots Riley Infiltrated Hollywood”, and then come to the Onyx in July to see his film in our super comfy, super luxurious, super friendly theatre!