Ever since the days of the “talkies” people relate going to the movies with the smell and taste of hot, fresh popcorn. With this in mind, we set out some years ago to provide excellent quality popcorn that audiences could enjoy while watching their favorite art house films.

We decided that serving only organic popcorn was the best choice we could make, even though the overhead cost can run around three times that of standard popcorn. It was ultimately more important for us to offer ‘corn we could feel good about than it was to make a profit.


All things considered, it only made sense that we top that popcorn with real butter – not the oily, artificial buttery flavoring so often available at cineplexes. Not only did this make for a more genuine and health-conscious option, but the truth is it just tastes better.

The Onyx/Magic Theatre has long been well-known for our exceptional popcorn seasoning bar, which gives moviegoers a variety of unique toppings like nutritional yeast and a wide range of flavorful spices and herbs.

Did you know that there is no such thing as GMO popcorn? It’s important to remember that all popcorn is non-GMO, and most is gluten free as well, including ours.