Who are our Film Buyers?

As holder of the formidable title of film buyer for the Onyx, Susan Herting provides all film buying and cost settlement for the theatre. Susan has over 40 years of experience in the film industry and also advises the Onyx on all other aspects of theatre operation. Susan and her husband, Bill Herting, are the owners of Centurion Film Service located in the Bay Area.

When considering which titles the Onyx will screen, Susan pays special attention to a number of significant factors. Celine Negrete, the Onyx Theatre’s manager, works with Centurion Film Service to curate the programming that makes The Onyx the special venue that it is. As an arthouse, The Onyx is able to choose from a wide and varied selection of films without being obligated to any of the large studios to play their product whether we believe it fills our mission or not.

Susan says that potential screening dates are a component, but more importantly so is the biology of the film itself. The film’s director and writer are important to note, and the picture’s success in the film festival circuit can be telling. Additionally, how the film performs upon opening in the New York/Los Angeles markets (not to mention critic response) must be evaluated when selecting a viable film.

The time differential between a film’s highly publicized opening in the NY/LA markets to when we can actually get the film in Nevada City presents a whole other challenge. We sympathize with audiences enthusiastic about a new release, and are sometimes unable to bring  the most highly demanded films to the area as quickly as we would like.

We’ve been aggressive about getting Nevada City on the national map as far as sophisticated and art films are concerned.  This success will only be enhanced by the beautiful new ONYX and the additional screen we’ll have to work with.