What is this ‘GEZELLIG’?

Gezellig: A dutch word that has many a nuance to its meaning. Often described as untranslatable, we can trust that it conveys feelings from cozy to friendly, from comfortable to relaxing, enjoyable to gregarious. It can be applied to a person, place or thing but more acutely describes an ambience or the aura of an experience. We believe it’ll all come clear once you set foot in The Onyx.

What is “gezellig”? Like “wabi-sabi” or “aloha”, gezellig (pronounced “heh-SELL-ick”, more or less), is one of those wonderful, curious words that has no exact translation into English, (which also makes it very useful), Gezellig comes to us from the Netherlands, and is a key concept in Dutch culture. Maybe the closest we have to it in English is “cozy” but gezellig encompasses much more, including a spirit of comfort and friendliness in the environment that promotes fun and togetherness. Creating a sense of gezellig has been a guiding light for us, and we believe the exact definition will become much more clear once you’ve spent some time with us here at The Onyx.