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Our Town

Nevada City is easy to fall in love with; here’s some suggestions to make your movie visit perfectly poised!


It would be difficult for me to pick my favorite offering at the Briarpatch deli. There is an amazing selection of pre-made sandwiches, salads and snacks, along with a hot bar/salad bar and a made-to-order counter for delicious meals made from mostly organic and local foods. But, I will go ahead and pick…my favorite sandwich can be found in the pre-made section of the deli and it is called “the piccolo”.  A tasty combo of salami, cheese, lettuce, tomato..and more. They sell out early though, so if you can’t grab my fave any other choice will do. Also, while you are there, you might as well grab a sweet treat from the bakery case. I mean, who doesn’t want a cookie to go with their sandwich!


Of all the great restaurants that are in Nevada City, one of my favorites is Sushi Q. If you do go there, be sure to try their Paris roll and house salad; those are my preferred choices!


When waiting for a show, enjoy a local love for their ever-changing microbrews to their incredibly delicious burgers and sandwiches! Jernigan’s is a hidden gem right next door to The Onyx. Their Bleu Cheese Burger will melt your taste buds and pair it with a frothy local craft IPA. LOOK FOR PINT NIGHTS WEEKLY!


I truly adore our Grocery Outlet. It is the most fun that I have shopping. Every time I go, it is like a treasure hunt. The staples are always there. Eggs, milk, bread, vegetables. These will be cheaper than the grocery stores fare and the same quality.If you are looking for good cheese at great prices, there will always be something, but maybe not what you had before. Sometimes there is prosciutto for $5 that would cost $30 elsewhere (at least!). If you have that treasure hunt attitude, Grocery Outlet is a blast.


If you want a delicious brunch with friendly service South Pine Cafe is tops. I have never been disappointed with anything I have ordered, so it is always hard to choose what to get. For breakfast I love the Chorizo Tacos, hash browns extra crispy. And, of course an orange guava mimosa is a perfect compliment. YUM!


My pick is Miner Moe’s. I love pizza in all its forms, and Moe makes a good one. I also love a good salad and despite its seemingly small size the salad bar at Miner Moe’s is excellent, I’ve often put together the most wonderful and satisfying salad for lunch to go with my tall Coke on ice. It’s a perfect place for lunch or dinner, and don’t be afraid to talk to Moe herself, she is often behind the counter making this local friendly family owned business an easy recommendation.


If you love Mexican food, which you definitely should, then I would highly recommend Mi Pueblo Taqueria in Nevada City. It’s my go to spot after a long day on the river, hiking or participating in any of the many great activities this place provides. My personal favorite is the chile verde plate; with big chunks of pork slow cooked in green chile sauce, along with rice, beans and corn or flour tortillas, it’s an authentic dish that’s hard to beat!


Treats Ice Cream, in downtown Nevada City. It is a literal treasure trove of baked goodies and artisanal frozen treats. Known for using local, organic, seasonal ingredients and serving vegan options. Treat yourself!


I love sushi of any kind, but whenever I have a bit more dough to spend I go to Sushi in the Raw in cute little downtown Nevada City. They have some delicious rolls there, but make sure you try  their sake shooters, the mango one is my favorite! Oh and it’s wise to make a reservation just in case.


I’m a seeker of beverage truth. Right now, I’m craving a smoothie from Fudenjuce. My go to is the Dairyless Date Shake. A close second is Bug’s Favorite with a pinch of cardamom.


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