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Meet Our Team

Everyone on The Onyx team is passionate about film, that goes without saying – here’s a little glimpse in to the people who make your magic night at the movies possible.


Coffee starts my day. Relaxing at home with my family ends my day. In between, I get to manage the best little art house in The West. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I found my way to Nevada County in 2004 via San Francisco. Film has always been my love and bringing all of these amazing films to my beloved small town is the best job I could ever imagine having. Oh, and The Leftovers is the best TV of 2014-2017!!


In 2001 Jeff began operating and renovating the Magic Theatre, one of the smallest (and finest) art house cinemas in California, now known as The Onyx. A native Northern Californian who moved from Los Angeles in 1996, Jeff endorses the sentiments of Henry Miller who wrote “…Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life.”


Hey, hi, hello! My name is Jenni Bond. I like animals, movies, small things and tall things! I was born and raised in Nevada County, and feel lucky to call it my home. I spent many years working with film, and I'm excited to be part of The Onyx team.


Hello, Ali here to let you know a bit about myself. There I millions of things that I love to do, but tops among them are going on outdoor adventures, making beautiful or silly crafts, playing games, reading books, watching movies, sitting around chatting with my friends, or spending quality time with my awesome cat, Libby. My favorite types of stories are the imaginative ones because I have always been bit of a daydreamer. I am happy to join the crew here at The Onyx so I can see more wonderful movies and get to know the community better.


Hi- Audrey here, wanting to share a bit about myself for your listening pleasure. Not only am I a popcorn slinger extraordinaire here at The Onyx, I am a RVT down the street at Four Paws Animal Clinic as well as morning bartender at The Nevada Club in Grass Valley. I just had the pleasure of being involved with CHICAGO: THE MUSICAL this summer for Sierra Stages at the Nevada Theatre and am part of the all female cast, Sketchy Ladies! When I have time, I love to cycle and camp with my indoorsy dog while looking for wildflowers and waterfalls.


I have to say, it makes me unreasonably happy to be working at an art house movie theatre. Sure, I’ll sit back and enjoy a Marvel movie every now and again (I’m only human!), but my soul can only ever be truly satisfied by the supreme outlandishness of Alejandro Jodorowsky, the cosmic curiosity of Stanley Kubrick, or the obsessive symmetry of Wes Anderson. When I’m not watching movies, you can find me thrift shopping for outdated, floral-patterned clothing, blasting the Goldberg Variations from my car stereo as I roll down Broad Street, and elucidating strangers on the distinction between the words “nauseous” and “nauseated.”


I grew up in this magical little town and feel most at home wandering around one of the many beautiful trails that surround our county. I have a passion for languages and love to read. When I'm not working (I also Barista at the Curly Wolf!) I attend classes at Sierra College.


Hi there, my name is Mike Gordon (no relation to phish). I'm a relatively new transplant to Nevada City but I feel a kinship to this place. I love the outdoors and try to spend any time I can exploring. I also love good food and cooking which is what I do for my day job. I'm a big believer that food doesn't need to be served on a square plate with an artistic drizzle to be amazing. Long live the lowbrow!


I cook pizza in the Firefrog, a hand-built wood-burning cob pizza oven in my backyard. I tractor, and plaster. I write fantasy scenarios for people to play in (mostly Call of Cthulhu). I walk the dog and grow tomatoes. I know just enough about everything to get myself in trouble with someone who actually knows the subject. I love my family and this area (it is so beautiful).


The first movie that ever captured my imagination was "Frankenstein". I ran out of the room and hid from the television when the monster lumbers over the little girl, who is happily tossing flower petals into the water, I would quickly return after a few anxious moments to ask my mother, “what happened?” Years later, I stayed in the theater all day and into the night to watch the original Star Wars movie three times in the same day, I was having that much fun! I shared a large popcorn with my cousin that had been left behind by another movie goer. A truer bio would have to be a thousand movies deep.


Hi there, my name is Sean! I moved to the area a few years ago after being born and raised in San Jose. You will usually find my at parks or reading with my 5 year old daughter or enjoying the nature of the area. I am an avid shopper at thrift stores and love finding treasures. But most of the time you will find me at the theater or at home watching movies! I keep a detailed log and lists of all the movies, and love to find new or new to me movies that reinvigorate my love for cinema.


Born in Sacramento and raised all over Northern California (with a 3-year stint in Texas to boot), I didn’t move to Nevada County until my freshman year of high school in 2009. Still, it’s the closest thing to a “hometown” that I have, which isn’t something I ever thought I’d say. I love this place! I’m a big follower of some of the biggest losers in sports (the Sacramento Kings and the San Francisco 49ers) and also have a real affinity for Hollywood’s “Golden Age.” Forget Brangelina, Bogie and Bacall were the true super couple!


Howdy! I’m Vivian or Viv if you’d like. I was born and raised in Nevada City and returned from a short stint in Washington two years ago. I have loved watching this town grow and change as I have along with it.  I love this town, and this land. I like good food, good books, and good movies! On my days off I can be found romping to the river with friends or escaping into the mountains for a few days of camping. I’m an adventurer at heart, whether it be to a foreign country or a local trail I have never traveled.


My family moved here when I was 3 years old but I call that born and raised, (although I really was almost born on the Golden Gate Bridge, but that’s a story for another day). I love this little town and the unique upbringing it gave me. Film is one of my passions and I try to make shorts and music videos and all the strange silly things in any way I can. I recently went to Kenya to film a school project started by a local Kenyan, it was amazing and I’m so grateful! Whenever I’m asked what my favorite film is I have to pick Waking Ned Devine, but of course there are many more I’d be happy to go on and on about. Any takers?


Hola! Yusra here. I'm new to the Onyx family but not to being a fan of this amazing theater. I remember coming here in the 90's and seeing films with my Dad. Sitting in that tiny theater and using the bathroom pushed against the screen. Watching "Pans Labyrinth" with local celebrity Joanna Newsom sitting behind me. If I'm not watching Criterion movies I'm running around after my three year old in down town Nevada City. Growing up here is a really unique experience and I'm excited to pass it down to my son.


Zsa'lai (pronounced zahh*lay) is soviet-danish unorthodox for "pick up and drop off" -- No, I kid, baah -- Zsa is a tremulant chalice of nectaricity. A few favorite picks from the pantheon of cinema dreams are, in reverse order-- The One You're In, Up Closer & Hauling Buns: The Mrs. Baird's Story. Translation: I am Zsa'lai (formerly Leland aka Bo the Whiskey Yogi). I moved back from Colorado after two years away. I am an artist, currently writing screenplays and cooking up some performance art. The last movie I was changed by is Andrew Haigh's Weekend.


Hi, I'm Jake! I was born and raised here in Nevada City. I had a radio show on KVMR called "Jake's Beatles Show"! When I was in high school, I fell in love with singing in choir. I've had the pleasure of traveling to Europe four times. I've always loved movies, and I've been so privileged to work here at this theatre for almost a decade! (*Jake moved on to life in the big city (Sacramento), but we are keeping him up here in honor of his long tenure at the Onyx/Magic we are keeping him up on our website!)