A familiar theatre with a new name

The Union | 10/13/2017

The Magic Theatre, a beloved and independent community movie-house, has unveiled plans for major renovation and upgrades, including an additional screening room, an expanded menu, roomier, comfy seating, two remodeled restrooms, and significantly, a name change.

Upon reopening, Nevada City’s independent art-house cinema will be known as The Onyx.

Meanwhile, and honoring it’s heritage, one of the two screening rooms will be called “The Magic Theatre,” while the new room will be called “The Dream Theatre.”

“Over the 16 years I’ve had the pleasure of owning the Magic we’ve constantly made improvements, but I’m most proud of and excited about this metamorphosis …” says owner Jeffrey Clark. “The Magic will still literally be inside The Onyx, but now we’re going to give people an opportunity to experience going to the movies in a new, more comfortable and very fun way.”

“The sound and picture in our screening rooms will be incredible,” Clark said. “Our consultant on this project, Jerry Harrah, has built literally hundreds of cinemas and home theater screening rooms, including for Disney Studios and Bill Gates. He’s helped us do this the right way. And with the additional screen, we’ll be able to showcase more films, while holding over popular titles so everyone gets a chance to experience them. We can’t wait to re-open our doors!”

The theatre is still in the remodel stage and plans to open around mid October.